Meet our influencers

Our exclusive network is a unique mix of macro-influencers (+50K followers) and mega-influencers (+100K followers).

Our Danish influencers are celebrities who have typically made a name for themselves as TV personalities. In their own way, they have won the hearts of Danes and have built up a huge fan base that faithfully follows them on social media.

Our unique combination of strong personalities are therefore effective as Instagram influencers - or social media influencers - when brands need to market their products to the desired target audience. Together, their content reaches +2 million loyal followers.

An influencer is an influential person with a large following on social media, such as Instagram or YouTube. They post videos, images and stories to their many followers who faithfully follow these influencers. This could be because of their strong personalities, shared interests or passion for fitness, for example. Through social media, influencers can reach thousands of followers with their content. The followers are loyal and highly engaged and the target group therefore perceives the content shared as authentic and interesting - even when a brand is being advertised, it is perceived as credible.



On social media, it's all about having a high engagement rate - or what's known as a high engagement rate.

Engagement rate is the percentage of people who have seen a post and subsequently made an interaction, such as a comment or like. In other words: The higher the engagement rate, the greater the impact of a campaign.

Engagement is calculated as follows: Number of interactions (e.g. likes, comments and swipe ups), divided by the number of followers and multiplied by 100.

Most experts agree that a good engagement rate is between 1-5%. Our influencers have an average engagement rate of +7%.

iphone in hand showing engagement from influencers