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Tell Agency is one of the largest influencer marketing agencies in Denmark

We have no doubt about the power of Influencer Marketing. We have helped countless Danish and international companies increase their revenue and brand awareness with Influencer Marketing.

We specialize in influencer marketing and create a close connection with end users.

Our influencers can help brands reach +2 million followers on social media.

Leverage one of the most powerful marketing tools today and achieve success with an extremely effective marketing channel. 


Our influencers reach +2 million followers every single day! We help brands reach an audience with a strong buying power.


At Tell Agency, we've achieved solid results for our clients. We help execute effective campaigns with strong ROIs.


At Tell Agency, we can help businesses increase sales and maximize revenue with effective campaigns.

Meet our influencers

We have a unique mix of macro-influencers (+50K followers) and mega-influencers (+100K followers). 

Together, their content reaches +2 million loyal followers.

Our influencers are well-known TV personalities who have built up a huge fan base that faithfully follows them on social media. As powerful Instagram influencers, they can help brands achieve achieve the most successful campaigns.

We help you reach the right audience with the relevant influencers. To achieve an effective campaign, we put together the most optimal network of influencers to reach the desired target audience.

Most experts agree that a good engagement rate is between 1-5% . Our influencers have an average engagement rate of +7% and can therefore ensure an effective campaign with strong results.